Director of Programs Gail Atkins
Programs Manager Itzul Gutierrez
Programs Manager Amy Schaner
Programs Coordinator Monse Calderon
Programs Coordinator Juana Renovato
Programs Coordinator Olivia Barajas
Programs Specialist Marisol Fonzeca
Harvest Pantry Coordinator Alfonso Alarcon
Community Programs Coordinator Vanessa Bautista
Agency Relations Coordinator Lina Hernandez

Diabetes Wellness Project Lead Morgan Smith, MS, RN


Senior Operations Manager Mark Wheeler

Operations Manager Don Lindsay
Inventory Mario Lopez Cornel
Warehouse/Driver Justin Hofmann
Driver Rogelio Perez
Driver Jose Ortiz
Driver Varney Fahnbulleh
Driver Ken Simas
Warehouse Manager Mario Ramirez
Agency Shopping Associate Antonio Gudino
Warehouse/ Agency Shopping Associate Jeff Arga
Warehouse/Receiving Buster (Glen) Dunigan
Warehouse/Volunteers Chappy (Margarito) Ramirez
Warehouse/Volunteers JorDann Crawford
Warehouse Jose Sosa
Warehouse Edwin Gonzales
Warehouse Fil Gebrezgi


Development Officer Billy Bartz

Development Officer Hillary Jarcik

Marketing Manager Lee Bickley
Food Drive & Events Coordinator Dalton Wiley

Communications Coordinator Amy Ricard

Administration—Finance and Resources

Chief Operating Officer Jean Larson
Special Projects Manager Paula Handelman
Business Manager Paul Robinson
Business Assistant Elisabeth Dietz
Volunteer Programs Manager Jen Oberti

Administrative Coordinator Holly Silva
Administrative Assistant Andrea Leake
Value Market Manager Nathan Boone
Value Market Clerk/Cashier Victoria Salas
Value Market Cashier Yanin Rivera
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