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Simply Supper

Contact: Project Manager

Sarah Stinnett


In August, 2010, the Redwood Empire Food Bank broke new ground by launching its own line of affordable meals-in-a-box, Simply Supper, made possible by a 2-year grant from the Merck Company Foundation. Simply Supper was created with the idea of bringing families together and promoting nutritious, tasty, home-cooked meals as an alternative to cheap fast food.

Why Simply Supper?

Simply Supper Nutritional Chart

Simply Supper is a response to the growing need of food banks for a healthy, shelf stable, primary food source to feed the nation's hungry in the wake of a marked decline in the availability of donated foods.

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Available Meals

Simply Supper Distribution

Simply Supper is currently distributed through the following three methods:
• Food banks in the Feeding America network, a 200 member network to which the REFB belongs.

Currently the top three food banks ordering Simply Supper include: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Second Harvest of Orange County, and the Food Bank of Central New York.

For more information about ordering this product contact Project Manager, Sarah Stinnett, 817-310-0954, 817-372-1850, or email,

• The REFB's direct service programs to low-income clients.
• The REFB's partner organizations, such as non-profit or faith based organizations that operate food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, enrichment programs or rehabilitation facilities.

Simply Supper in the News

Simply Supper in the North Bay Business Journal, August 2, 2010.

Simply Supper History

Simply Supper was launched in 2008 as a partnership between the REFB and FDP USA, the largest producer and reseller of dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables world wide. With the labor of committed volunteers from FDP USA and the community, a line of healthy, delicious, low-cost, and easy to prepare meals was produced. The REFB believes Simply Supper represents the future of food banking, as we take control of our food supply and the nutrition we provide to people in need of food assistance.